Many of the raw materials Western Reserve Chemical offer are also available in dispersion forms. Dispersions provide unique benefits with respect to Product Quality, Cost Reduction, Environmental, and Regulatory concerns, some of which are outlined below.

Dispersion Types

  • WESTCO™ Polymer-Bound Dispersion are available in a wide variety of polymers and in slab and pellet form.
  • WESTCO™ Dry Liquids Dispersions convert difficult to handle low to medium molecular weight liquids (i.e., monomers, polymers, oils) to free flowing powders.
  • WESTCO™ Oil-treated Powders. Oil treating powders reduces dusting while maintaining the free-flowing characteristics of untreated powders.

Benefits of Using WESTCO™ Dispersions

Cost Reduction

  • More Rapid Ingredient Incorporation
  • Reduced Mix Time and Energy Consumption
  • Eliminate Waste/Fly-Loss
  • Reduced Labor
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Extended Shelf-Life


  • Reduced Dust
  • Decreased Employee Exposure to Hazardous or Irritating Chemicals
  • Easier Handling
  • Cleaner Work Environment


  • Improved Dispersion
  • Improved Product Performance
  • Reduces Variability
  • Eliminate Contamination

Please contact Western Reserve Chemical, today to see if Dispersions can help you improve your bottom line.