WESTCO™ IS 7520 Insoluble Sulfur CAS# (mixture)

WESTCO™ IS-7520 is a non-blooming, polymeric sulfur that can improve fatigue and aging resistance of a wide variety of rubber products. WESTCO™ IS-7520 is widely used in the manufacture of the rubber products such as tire, rubber pipe, shoes, cable and wire, insulating materials, latex, and many types of automobile rubber parts, especially for radial tires.

Packaging 25 kg net wt bags


*Total Elemental Sulfur

79.0 – 81.0%

*Insoluble Sulfur (% of total sulfur min)

90.0 (72.0)%

*Thermal stability heating at 105°C for 15 min, insoluble Sulfur % min (total sulfur, % min)

80.0 (64.0)

*Oil content

19.0 – 21.0%

*Acidity (as H2SO4)

0.05% Max.

*Heat loss

0.5% Max.

*Ash content

0.15% Max.

*Retention on 100 mesh sieve

0.2% Max.

*Actual tech data / technical data values reported on Certificate of Analysis

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