WESTCO™ ZMTI Zinc 2-mercaptotoluimidazole CAS# 61617-00-3

Westco™ ZMTI is a non-staining, non-discoloring antioxidant suitable for use in Natural and synthetic rubbers; it is especially effective in NBR and EPDM. Westco™ ZMTI is a synergist with



Cream to light yellow powder ,

Unoiled, Oiled

Melting point, °C

265 min, 265 min

*Zinc content, %

18.0-20.0, 18.0-20.0

*Heat loss, %

1.0 max, 1.0 max

*Sieve Residue 250 mesh, %

0.50 max, 0.50 max

*Oil Content,%

-, 1-2

Specific Gravity ty, pical


*Reported on certificate of analysis.
Packaging: 10 and 20 Kg Net Bags

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