WESTCO™ BHT (KOSHER) Butylated Hydroxtoluene (“NON-STAINING” ANTIOXIDANT) CAS# 128-37-0

WESTCO BHT is a versatile antioxidant that acts as a stabilizer and processing aid in natural and synthetic elastomers, polymeric materials subject to oxidation, packaging materials, waxes, insecticides, synthetic lubricants, paints, etc. WESTCO BHT meets FDA specifications as an addition to a variety of food products, packaging, and other materials coming in contact with food products. It retards oxidation in animal, vegetable and mineral oils, fats, greases and products containing these materials.  WESTCO BHT is Kosher Certified.

Packaging:  25 Kg Net

Storage Stability: WESTCO BHT is stable over long periods of time when stored under normal (below 77o), dry conditions, unopened, in the original container.  In prolonged storage the material may yellow slightly.  Activity of the product is unaffected.


Appearance: White to Colorless crystalline powder or beads
*Melt Point

69.0° C Min.

*Color, APHA

50 Max.


99.0% Max.

*Residue on ignition (Ash content)

0.005% Max.


0.1% Max.

*Free Phenol

0.02% Max.

Sulfate (as SO4)

0.002% Max.

*Heavy Metal (as Pb)

10 ppm Max.


1 ppm Max.

Specific Gravity


*Actual tech data / technical data values reported on Certificate of Analysis

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