WESTCO™ CTP 80-20 N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide CAS# 17796-82-6

WESTCO CTP is pre-vulcanization inhibitor/cure retarder.  WESTCO CTP 80-20 is a blend of WESTCO CTP and wax for both natural and synthetic rubber. It provides predictable scorch control in most sulphur vulcanizations allowing single-stage mixing at higher processing temperatures and higher curing temperatures. Its activity is linear and higher than most retarders. Blooming may occur above 0.5 phr CTP. It is effective in marginal stock recovery.

Packaging: 25 kg net bag

Shelf Life: 2 yrs in original package. Keep dry.

Usage level: 0.1-0.5 phr


Appearance: White to grayish white Granule
*Active Substance (CTP)

77% by weight Min.

*Wax Content

17-21% by weight


0.5% by weight

*Ash Content

0.1% by weight

*Toluene Insolubles

3.0% by weight Max.

*Melting Point

88°C Min.

*Actual tech data / technical data values reported on Certificate of Analysis

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