WESTCO™ ZnO-80GE F140 Zinc Oxide Polymer-Bound Dispersion CAS# 1314-13-2 Zinc Oxide

WESTCOTM  ZnO-80 GN F140 is an 80% active EPDM/EVM-bound dispersion of high purity Zinc Oxide.  It is strained through a 140 micron screen and available in slab or pellet form.  Through improved dispersion in rubber compounds, it enhances modulus, tensile strength, and elongation at break of the vulcanizate. WESTCO ZnO-80GE F140 has lower water absorption compared to zinc oxide powder.  Dosage is usually 3-8phr.

Packaging: 25 kg net wt./carton with PE bag liner


Appearance: White pellet or slab
*Zinc Oxide Content, %


*Density @ 20 deg. C, g/cm3


*Mooney Viscosity ML 1+4@50 deg. C


*Actual tech data / technical data values reported on Certificate of Analysis

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