ELASTOMAG® 170 SPECIAL Magnesium Oxide CAS# 1309-48-4

Elastomag® 170 Special Magnesium Oxide is a powdered oxide with a high activity level. Elastomag® 170 Special Magnesium Oxide has a slightly smaller particle size than standard Elastomag® 170. The smaller particle lends itself to suspension applications like adhesives and as an acid acceptor in specialty elastomers like FKM.

Shelf life: 12 months under storage conditions stated below.

Storage: Protect from air and moisture. Keep open bags tightly closed between uses.


Surface Area (BET)

>165 m2/g

*Morton Activity Index

>150 mg/g

*Assay, Volatile Free Basis, as MgO


*Chloride, as CI


*Calcium, as CaO


*Ignition Loss


Bulk Density, Aerated

24 lbs/ft3

Specific Gravity, Crystal


*Pass through 325 mesh screen


*Reported on Certificated of Analysis

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