WESTCO™ Hi-Plast 201 Petroleum Sulfonate CAS# 68608-26-4

Hi-PlastTM 201 is an effective, non-discoloring plasticizer and process aid for most elastomers.  Used at 2 to 15 phr, Hi-PlastTM 201 assists polymer break down and dispersion of carbon black and other pigments.  Lower mix viscosity allows higher filler load and reduces mixing energy requirements. Hi-PlastTM 201 improves mold flow, extrusion and calendaring operations and retards scorch. It is used in a wide variety of products including sponge, hose, belts, molded goods, coated fabrics, wire and cable and tire repair materials.

Packaging: 385 lb. drum


*API Gravity @ 60°F

35 + 5

*Viscosity S.U.S. at 100°F

50 + 10


3.5 Max.

*Flash Point (C.O.C.)


*Acid Value


Specific Gravity, typical


*Actual data will be reported on COA

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